Sachin Karpe, now a successful entrepreneur, is a highly regarded professional in the field of finance. His understanding of wealth management and treasury has led him work with best of banking firms. He has managed large clients and delivered excellent results.

With help of deep knowledge and financial strategies, he has a proven track record of delivering sustainable results for high net worth individuals and large families.

Sachin Karpe is a thought leader, inventor, innovator and executive with more than 20 years of experience, driving increases in productivity and achieving targets for institutions, by designing crisp business plans and deploying innovative strategies.

Sachin Karpe has leveraged his work experience to become a successful entrepreneur and valued business partner. A technical and strategic leader with a track record of building teams of high-performers by fostering innovation, a results-oriented environment and creating accountability. He is a skilled communicator and collaborator who uses business acumen to successfully negotiate and influence internal and external stakeholders in order to accomplish goals.

As a Financial Services Professional with demonstrated expertise in operations management and process improvement methods, Sachin Karpe is a proven leader with solid track record in managing critical, visible, high volume, and complex businesses. Throughout his career he consistently developed and sustained effective business relationships that enabled successful delivery of strategic programs and ongoing business objectives.

Sachin Karpe is an inspirational leader unfazed by challenges and someone who thrives by motivating and positively influencing others in a dynamic environment. Quickly assimilates new information, identifies and provides expert information security guidance to mitigate risk.

Sachin Karpeā€™s life is a true guide for emerging leaders who can derive cues from his achievements and experiences to move ahead in their respective paths. He enjoys discussing on topics ranging from leadership, entrepreneurship and economic trends.